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tuberose   Lush, seductive, voluptuous - tuberose is famously all of these. Our best-selling floral.

firewood sage   Charred resins of teak and amber with aromatic sage. Our most popular scent.

currant   Tart, tannic red currant berries with floral overtones and a bergamot accent.

jasmine   Pungent jasmine and spicy ylang-ylang cast an Eastern enchantment. An oolong tea base provides a classic frame.

frankincense bergamot   Earthy frankincense and mystical myrrh - resins of the Middle East - with a distinctive citrus twist of bergamot peel.

lavender   Lavender's warm, botanical appeal with rosemary's deep, piney notes. Summer in Provence.

gardenia  An irresistibly fresh tropical floral with a liqueur-like depth.

eucalyptus mint   The spa candle. Essential eucalyptus and spearmint oils with a compelling lime dimension.

sandalwood cedar   Serene sandalwood grounded with cedar, nutmeg and a dry, woodsy vanilla. 

black pepper rose    A favorite scent returns by popular demand - Spicy rose infused with a smoky black pepper oil set within a sophisticated fig base.

grapefruit  Tangy grapefruit with bitter green petitgrain and bracing pine needle.

ginger lemongrass  Spicy and warm. Decidedly Asian in character.