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the candle

pure soy wax, all cotton wick, high fragrance content, 40 hour approx burn time, 7.4 oz net wt

Soy candle wax burns cleanly, without the smoking and sooting of paraffin wax, a petroleum product. Soy wax candles also burn longer, because the melt point temperature is lower. Our thick glass containers, beautifully crafted in Mexico, distribute and hold heat evenly. Our all-cotton wicks are woven and salt-cured to curl, delivering the fragrance oils to the hottest part of the flame. Our wicks are anchored throughout the pouring process for a centered burn. You will instinctively recognize that our essential and fragrance oils are of the highest quality, to the credit of our award-winning suppliers. Expect the $14 marketcandle to burn cleanly, evenly and completely.

the company

Launched in 1997 in Los Angeles, our wholesale line found it's way from the West Coast to the East (via Z Gallerie, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sundance Catalog and many wonderful shops). But the California phenomenon of farmers markets soon became for us a successful niche market, and in 2002 a single candle resulted - the $14 marketcandle. Farmers market customers respond to the marketcandle's simple packaging, wholesale pricing, and quality performance. We hope the reach of this website will help to maintain the customer relationships that began in the white-tented stall of a California farmers market.